Amazing Double Glazing

Double GlazingHave you have had enough of the noise, dirt and draughts of a bustling city making their way into your home. There is no need to hit the real estate market and put your place up for sale, no really. We can provide you with a simple, affordable and sensible solution that will rid you of noise, dust and pesky draughts once and for all. The solution is double glazing. It’s actually simpler than it sounds. Double glazing is a process in which an existing glass window or pane is fitted with another such glass pane thus forming a two layer window.

Double glazed windows hold a thin layer of air in the space between the panes therefore insulating your interior much better of outside noise, temperature and dirt. Why consider double glazing? Besides the obvious benefits like noise reduction double glazing actually saves money off your electricity bills. Regular, single pane windows account for about 60% of heat loss in winter. Recent surveys have shown that a double glazed window will reduce power bills by up to 15%. Double glazing is also environmentally friendly process, our homes rack up about 30% of the entire amount of carbon emissions released so reducing power consumption will in turn reduce carbon production and provide some relief for the environment.

All our technicians are fully qualified to perform the procedures. They are friendly, knowledgeable and will walk you through and explain the process. The company has full licensing and full trade insurance. We operate a fleet of service vehicles, equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the service. Our company services all metro areas and most of the outskirts too, certain projects outside these bounds will be also considered so give us a call to discuss it. We offer the option of receiving a free of charge, no obligation quote; if necessary we will come out to visit you for a viewing. Our expert technicians can perform the service on most window types. We guarantee expert craftsmanship, extensive know-now and professional and lasting results.