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We firmly believe in the mutual benefits of open and active business communication, therefore we have based the way we do business on the way we communicate. In order to provide you with the best possible customer service experience we have streamlined and developed our customer communication channels even further. Our phone operators are friendly, knowledgeable and will be happy to help out with your enquiry or to provide you with details on the service, pricing and procedure. We understand that your work commitments during the day are more important so we operate at flexible working hours so that you can get in touch with us at your own convenience.

If you’re ready to book your service, call us to arrange when and where you would like to have it done. You are also welcome to skim over our website for more service details or additional information on current discounts and limited time special offers. We provide the option of directly booking online using our simple and easy to understand service form. Our current customers have on a number of occasions recommended our services to their friends and relatives which further proves that we offer high quality at affordable prices.

We have a number of email addresses on which you can get in contact with us, we welcome your feedback and suggestions or you can place a query with us via email-we will get back to you as soon as possible. The addresses are listed on our website. If you like, feel free to drop by and visit us in person in one of our offices for a chat or to book your service right there on the spot. Our expert staff will provide you with all the necessary service and product information you require. We can also provide you with a product catalogue or a list with all applicable technical specifications, if you wish we can send it to you via email.