Glass Replacement

Glass ReplacementNaturally, we provide you with a complete glass replacement service. We aim to do it quickly and efficiently in order to solve your window problems fast, especially in the cold months of the year. Our expert teams will come and visit you in the shortest time possible to take measurements and review the damage in order to prepare and deliver the specified glass pane timely. You can consult with them, before ordering the new glass, on what type of glass is required or recommended in such instances. A tougher glass compound might be the solution to any other future problems or may be a different framing system. We know that window accidents happen at any given time so we work with flexible service hours to replace the window fast.

Our experts are aware that different frames and glazing require window glass to be edged and beveled in certain manner to ensure tight and accurate fit. We have most types in stock but for strictly specific jobs we can order custom made edging and beveling. Our technicians can work with pencil rounded glass edges, flat polished edges also single, double or triple beveled glass edges. Specific glass cutouts (like those used for patch fittings) can be also ordered through our company, we can also supply you with drilled-hole glass or glass with finger grips.

If the glass which is to be replaced is quite a specific design or make, our technicians will come to make a viewing and take samples. Then the replacement glass will be ordered, cut to size, beveled in accordance to the framing and fitted professionally by our people. In case part of or the entire window frame has to be changed along with the glass we can match the style and replace both the frame and glass. We will clean and collect all shards and pieces of glass leftover from the accident or the reinstallation of the new window so that no member of your family is at risk of cuts or accidental injury.