Safety Glass

Safety GlassWe also specialize in installing glazing fitted with safety glass. Safety glass is a glass compound formed by heating and cooling glass while it’s still being fired. The special cycle of heating and cooling results in higher impact or penetration resistance to protect people from accidental injury. Safety glass is used to increase protection from deliberate attacks and criminal activity. There are different kinds of safety glass like tempered glass for instance which breaks in small blunt pieces rather than large shards, this is mainly used in the auto industry but is now being used in residential and commercial establishments as well. Recent updates in building and safety regulations have made the use of safety glass even compulsory in some cases.

Our company specializes in the fitting of all types of safety glass including fire graded window systems. We can also equip your home with laminated glass which is yet another type of safety glass widely used. Laminated glass will not split into pieces when broken but will remain as a glass sheet though broken internally. The effect is achieved by compressing a sheet of special material called polyvinyl in between two sheets of glass. This way broken glass pieces remain attached to the polyvinyl sheet on either side of the window thus preventing shards and injury. Laminated glass is most commonly used in the making of car windscreens.

Safety glass in all its variations is designed to withstand higher levels of pressure and impact and is by rule, stronger than regular glass. A heavy duty version of safety glass is steel reinforced glass or glass pane with steel wiring running through it. This is used mainly on doors and other places where impacts or slams are frequent and cannot be avoided. Our consultants and technicians will help you choose the right safety glass for particular situation and requirements. We will match the type of glass with the correct framing and catch systems as weight and strength differences will have an effect on the framing – your safety is our paramount goal.