Secondary Glazing

Secondary GlazingAnother one of our widely used services is secondary glazing. Secondary glazing can be considered as a somewhat cheaper form of double glazing. In other words, an extra frame (either aluminum or wood) is tightly fitted onto the existing window. A certain amount of air (or argon gas) is trapped in between the now double glass pane. This air or gas ensures much higher level of insulation from outside elements and factors. Secondary glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 80%. For even higher level of noise reduction we can fit your windows with thicker glazing panes. Secondary glazing can also lower heat loss dramatically by providing extra insulation from outside elements; this will bring down your monthly power bills, especially in the colder months of the year when heat loss is considerable. Another benefit of secondary or double glazing is the added security you get from having a double window.

We can fit your windows with strengthened or tempered glass for even higher level of protection. Our window systems can also be installed with their own unique locking system. Our experts will use only the best drying agents when sealing the new glaze as to ensure no moisture content remains between the panes. Moisture in the form of condensation is sometimes formed between the two panes, this shows that the window is not airtight, in some rare cases, condensation is a result of excessive moisture content inside – ask our technicians for more details how to rid your windows and home of excess moisture.

Call our consultants to secure a job viewing or to receive your free of charge, no obligation quote. All necessary measurements will be taken by our teams so you don’t have to worry about it. We provide a range of frame styles and frame materials to choose from. We can also fit special types of glass as per your requirements. The company provides service to all metro areas and most of the outskirts, larger projects will be considered outside these limits so feel free to get in touch with our consultants for more details.