Window Glazing

Window GlazingWindow glazing, in some extra detail, is the technical process of attaching an extra pane of glass, with specific framing system to an existing window in order to increase its potential and properties. The main purpose of additional glazing is increase of thermal protection, extra strength and durability of the entire window system, both existing and newly fitted, the adding of extra security from break in attempts and of course the reduction of outside noise, especially important when living in busy, urban conditions or when living under a flight path. Historically, windows were made single glazed or with only one single pane of glass. With the progress of industrial chemistry and manufacturing technology, newer window systems are produced with two or even three glazing layers or triple glass pane. Newer frame types are produced to accommodate and withstand heavier and tougher glass compounds. Our glass and window technicians are qualified and up to date with all new glass, framing and installation systems available on the market.We make sure to prepare and supply window systems and framing of the highest standard, our experts can also replace older single glazed windows without sacrificing your original framing, especially important with vintage and older cottage styled homes where style and originality are not to be compromised.

There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to glazing or adding an extra layer of glass. We can provide you with a range of glass types and styles. Usually we work with clear glazed glass but can prepare and install any other kind of glass like tempered glass, tinted glass, etched & textured glass and so on. We can also fit your windows with tinted glass which is a window glazing product used for both art and privacy purposes. Our company can replace old and existing catch and lock window systems with new locking mechanisms for extra security and extra peace of mind. Please contact our consultants for details on prices and product ranges as we keep an individual way of price forming to give you with better quality at affordable price.